A preponderance of evil this country of the United States should never forget. Donald Trump and Alex Jones are satanic by nature. They can’t help themselves. They are rank and title Luciferians, although they exude great effort and personal wealth to convince you otherwise. How many times have you heard people say I’m going to vote for Donald Trump (HE IS THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS) OH IS HE? What do people know about Donald Trump, friend of the Clinton’s. Not five minutes after his inauguration, the ink not yet dried, he was asking the audience to give the Clinton’s a standing ovation, saying “They’re really really great people.”Great people known for the term Arkancide, a method of silencing political, legal and financial opponents in crude fake suicidal exterminations. When Arkancide’s happen now, they are regarded as macabre humor (Hillary’s at it again). Donald says really really great people. Trump tried to play the bungling buffooned president constantly being fooled by his cabinet picks, his handlers and the media. Remember Trump was said to be a genius playing 4-D chess with someone named Q. His methods and objectives were to obfuscate and confuse. Donald Trump told us he was going to Washington to drain the swamp. Instead he hired the swamp and told us it was all good. It was an act and that act is still playing out today. The man is a carnival barker not to be entrusted with the country’s people and wealth. The tattle-tale telling of the whore-mongering president and the Stormy piccadilla, (a real Petrie dish) a distraction to divert your attention again, to the lesser of two evils. To lower your standards and try to tell yourself that’s not so bad (seriously?) how many (rendevous?) did Donald Trump receive for $130,000 dollars? Can you relate to this? Does this seem normal to you? Donald Trump is a fully compromised individual, 3500 lawsuits in all, <; obviously blackmailed to the point of being a talking head in an empty suit. Tell the ole’ baby-boomers what they want to hear, we’re going back to the good old days? (cough) That will get you re-elected. The payoff money to Stormy Daniels is public record (compromised). How much payoff money has been paid behind the scenes to the others? How much involvement with Jeffrey Epstein his Palm Beach “acquaintance” and neighbor? (and finally Arkancided, never to be heard from again). The lesser of two evils that brought you the Covid clot-shot at warp speed just at the end of his presidency. A”rigged election?” Probably. But Trump couldn’t get the shots delivered into the arms of the woked and the so-called gender disenfranchised. (Third – term) Obama and Biden were the actors that moved back into the White House to distribute the MRNA bioweapons to the willing and to the woke again, again, and again. It is all theater, just as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and others go in full store promotions of Satanic (their words) under and outer wear, clothing, and sexualized merchandise for children and so-called adults, yikes, you can smell the brimstone as you enter the store. There is a depopulation master plan written in the script you’re not allowed to see, not just for your physical body but for your soul. These actors are all merchants of death from the past administration’s to the current Bidens disaster of an administration. What you are witnessing is not human behavior and/or policy. These are to coin a term, to make it understandable, “AN ALIEN AGENDA”. I know, I hear what you’re thinking. Aliens are demons. I get it. I’ve seen both. They’re as real as the words on this paper (tomato-tamahto). Pick one and move on. There’s a perceived alien event on the horizon now. The media won’t acknowledge the demons but they will give their stamp of approval of the aliens being legitimate. This is a lie. Dribs and drabs of UFO and military encounters, Harvard-types claiming alien motherships in the outer reaches of our solar system. The NORAD shoot-downs of “we couldn’t tell whether it was a balloon or UFO “, are very telling, so it looks like the policy is to shoot first and hope for the best. What could go wrong there? It takes a population that has been dumbed and drugged down to find any realism of logic in what these evil Luciferians (Biden/Obama administration/Pentagon) are trying to sell and successfully doing so to the American public.

ALEX JONES -the master propagandist of controlled opposition, a CIA, Mossad fame junky. Alex Jones’ job seems to be how to control the percentages of the hard right. The baby boomers -Trumpanzees, current military, veterans and battle-hardened veterans searching for the starting flame of civil war and what they are thinking and reacting to. (CIA mind control) The CIA is running mind control programming on live radio via Alex Jones INFOWARS. Be aware of this. The subliminal messaging on the radio and television versions of his daily broadcast. The constant high pressure sales tactics for the supplements that make your brain work better, faster, longer and stay more focused because your thinking is just not correct according to Alex Jones, God did not make you absolutely perfect in mental and physical wellness? Alex Jones will sell you the pills and potions that he says it takes to correct your thinking? Pharmakia – sorcery to change your thought processes, to alter your mood, accelerate your thinking, or to put you into deep sleep. His objective is to sell you something to ingest, made by Alex Jones, delivered to you by the federal government, USPS, to change your natural state of well-being, Don’t believe it? If you’re a regular listener, stop listening and ingesting his mind-altering products for a few days and see how you feel about it. You’ll notice a difference. There’s something else added there along with his constant begging and pleading for your money and personal information. Your dossier so to speak, your political, religious, financial, household census and what supplements you take. Don’t think they’re collecting this information? Think again. Alex Jones is allowed to continue as the leader in alternative media sector for one reason only, the powers that be want him there. Alex Jones controls that percentage, that slice of the pie so to speak, that will not conform to the new uniparty system. Alex Jones has always been a wag the dog talk show host. His show topics and mantra are steered by the audience. When the listeners have woken up to certain topics, and their thoughts have moved on, Jones is not far behind telling you he told it to you first. The man is a born liar, a Luciferian at heart. He will profess his love of God in one breath, and berate and take God’s name in vain in the next. In the early days of the so-called – fake pandemic – Alex Jones and sidekick Mike Adams were both eagerly awaiting a vaccine from their man, Donald “warp speed” Trump. It was the audience that changed his position on the vaccine, and that position woke up to the fact that this was a bio-weapon from the start. A precedent had been set. The show changed direction then turned negative against the vaccine. (the wag the dog moment) Alex Jones’ handlers want to keep you tuned in, not for the revenue, but for your personal views on topics and information on your current state of preparedness and readiness, and where your thinking might be headed in the future. The entities that brought you AI (Satan) are fastidious information-takers, they know you better than you know yourself. Alex Jones, the little pied piper that could, is there to lead, obfuscate, and distract the way his current audience thinks and listens, and I use the term current audience because his audience is transitory. People are waking up, and when they have seen and heard enough of Alex Jones they move on and feel great about it. Currently Alex Jones is straddling the white picket fence on whether or not Elon Musk deserves his stamp of approval . The same Elon Musk who owns the largest information-gathering system on the planet (Twitter), the same Elon Musk who dresses up as Baphomet? The same Elon Musk that sells “dragon” spacecraft to the Satanic-influenced government of the United States, and the same Elon Musk installing neural-implants to correct your thinking. And as a side note Elon Musk is now providing satellite communications to the Ukranian military in an agreement with the Pentagon after stating he would remain neutral in the Russian–Ukranian war. (Psst.. The US is really fighting that war with the Russians, the Ukranian’s are just there to get slaughtered.) Another wag the dog moment approaching. “Remember, I told you first.” Alex, what do you have a problem figuring out here? You stand with Jesus Christ, correct? Your pharmakia, your packaged sorcery, your promotions of Donald Trump and Elon Musk? Your taking of the Lord’s name in vain on broadcast TV and radio, does this make you feel like a powerful man? Are you? Are you “that” comfortable with God Almighty and his plan for this planet to show that level of disrespect and blasphemy. You are influencing others to communicate and “act” as you do (Satan could not be happier) “You’re a bunch of babble.” Mr. Jones. Translated from the Greek and the Aramaic, you’re a mess of confusion. It’s your job, it’s what you do. More on Alex Jones in the near future.

jThe pictures below were taken on spiritual workdays. They are of myself and the Angels.


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