ANTI-CHRISTOS – ANTICHRIST – INSTEAD OF CHRIST There’s a lot of talk in the news today about the Anti-Christ and who it might be. I’m going to shed a little light on this from my understanding. You’re not watching for a man such as Elon Musk, Gavin Newsom, Jared Kushner, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates. They’re all plenty evil enough but do not have super-natural intellect to fool large percentages of the population. Take anyone of those personalities listed, Schwab, Gates, etc. forcing the population to take a digital identification chip to buy, sell, trade, medical etc., would not be very clever, it would be an obvious identifying marker for people looking to see the Anti-Christ. Remember he will appear to be a man of peace, prosperity, a fixer of the world’s problems, back to the good old days. This will all be done to gain your confidence, trust, admiration and faith. The title Anti-Christo simply means instead of Christ. The Anti-Christ who will appear shortly will claim to be Jesus Christ in action, appearance, and location. Do not be fooled, do not bend the knee, pray for discernment. Large percentages of the world’s population will be fooled and taken in by this imposter. Look at the transgender Baphomet-on-parade being pushed and sold to the population by the media. The persuasive powers of the Satan backed and funded media is enormous. The media personalities that you are watching are not being duped by the devil, they are Satan’s hand-picked propagandists, whether they’re selling the “warp speed” Covid shots of death, the transgenderism of Baphomet, or the indoctrination’s of Satan himself. They know exactly what they are doing, Shame on – ABC – CBS – NBC – FOX – PBS – NPR and whatever’s left of CNN. They all read from the same sheet of Satanic propaganda and know exactly without a doubt (positively) who they are doing it for, that being Satan. He is a charlatan and will use any and all parlor tricks and any other methods at his disposal to assure you of his false identity. So in the very near future if you are still in your flesh physical body and this individual is telling you he is Jesus Christ and has come to rescue, he is not and cannot. He is Satan. These are simple ways to identify with certainty Anti–Christ, Satan. The next time you see the real Jesus you will be in a new spiritual body. The evil intellect Satan possesses is hard and almost impossible to comprehend. Be aware, be very aware and you should have no trouble identifying this evil imposter, Satan Anti-Christ. Lucifer has but a short reign on this earth. The season of the locust typically known. May – September Remember he has but a short time on this earth, and remember Satan does have some control of the weather (obviously), so take care and take precautions, more weather-related, earthquake related, issues in the future. Prepare for a grid-down situation, get what you need, be comfy and watch God handle this with certainty.

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