Satan and the Fallen

This chapter is from my personal observation and experiences. I don’t rely on social media or the Youtubish type documentaries. Most of what I’ve seen on these sites is quite un=factual and can cause confusion. Confusion is Satan’s tried and true gimmick. His modus operandi starts with confusion and progresses to more complex strategies that involve past and future knowledge of things, places and events, his victims would not have knowledge of. Counterfeiting and imitation go hand in hand with the confusion. It’s a mind altering game designed to wear you down and cause your failure. I strongly suggest no one ever try to engage this individual. He is a universal problem that I’m thinking will be dealt with sooner than you might think. It’s my opinion Satan and the fallen angels work with a hive communitive mentality. Simply put, continuous communication throughout. It is also my opinion there are a very few fallen angels that regret the horrible decisions they made to follow Satan. Satan doesn’t seem to delegate authority to the fallen angel. He’s always in a state of constant overseeing. His best and brightest fall way short more times than not. But it was their decision to leave their Heavenly habitation and they must abide by that decision. They can’t make that go away. I have run across them in my travels through my work. They put up the Satan cheerleader front for you but you can tell from their speech and demeanor they are doing everything possible to hold back the vomit. How painful it must be to toe this line knowing what the future holds for Satan and the fallen. This topic and subject matter needs to be accurate and concise


Some time ago I became aware of a stargate that was often called and referred to as the Devil’s Gate. Physical property such as real estate is configured and used in different manners throughout different dimensions. For example, a piece of farmland here in the 3rd dimension may have a completely total different description in the 4th dimension, such as a harbor, coastline, a beach, a stargate on a channel island leading into a port city. (More on that port city and how it became a port city in the near future.) It’s a different time that 4th dimension is ahead of us

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