The road signs above and below are located in the general vicinity of north central Florida

There are people that live in this area that I’m sure have no idea of the evil that surrounds them. The interdimensional’s will monitor them, their conversations, their internet searches and emails, and all other forms of communication including phones. The interdimensionals always looking for signs of awareness and discovery about their presence and evil activities on the property. They will stay there in a lay low non-descript manner to carry out their torturous and evil practices of chipping, forced labor and other brutalities. When the owners of that property understand the evil activities against the earthbound spirits that are held there and how firmly the interdimensionals are entrenched on that land, it will become dangerous for them to live there. Once you know these things there’s no going back to not knowing. It will be an uncomfortable situation to say the least. Asking them to leave nicely is not going to work. Clearing the property of all pine trees would be an excellent start in the right direction. Sounds strange? Yeah, I get it, it does, but it is the way that it is. I have removed tens of thousands of these southern yellow pine trees to resolve these kinds of problems. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. This property is located in the area I referred to as the middle ground, that’s talked about in the “Stockyard and the Pit” chapter. See the photo.

On my many journeys to this area (the middle ground) my vehicle’s been attacked from the outside and also from the inside. Merely driving by this location will agitate a response from the demons and the ape located in that property, everything from throwing rocks, slapping, and colliding with my vehicle, to all the bells and warning lights going off on the dashboard of the car. The demons do not like attention brought to their clubhouse. In case you haven’t noticed I use this website as a form of communication and discipline against these filthy creatures, some masquerading as “aliens”. These are demons firmly entrenched in this area of Levy County Florida, the Masonic Luciferians help facilitate their activities, they are satanic, the worst kind so to people of the area be aware and take notice . Events coming in the future will bring their true allegiance to the surface. I’m warning you and showing you in these photos the physical points of interest of the locations in the “middle ground” to give you a visual perspective of the area and the dynamics of the property. My advice to you is to avoid this area period. This is a dangerous piece of real estate and those creatures use weaponry from a higher density dimension that can and will damage you. You won’t see what hit you but you will feel it and the effects can last a lifetime. (Kidney, liver, heart damage and even death.)


The Walmart in Chiefland, Florida is literally Satan’s carnival. Even with protection with a guard and escort I do not go there and neither should you. This Walmart is evil incorporated and one of those locations where you let evil be. It is that bad.

This page will discuss who the Bigfoot and interdimensional space aliens really are. Their English names like Martin, the eben who thinks he’s in charge, the bigfoot “Ladden” prison guard type thug, the archon Bertram, diabolical evil in the Hillsborough, Tampa Bay area, and old grampa Patrick, who thinks he’s a king, really just a whack-job, and little boy Philip personified evil. Writing these facts and bringing their names to attention of the light of day will really grind their gears. (a good thing) They thrive and flourish with quiet anonymity, But this is where the applecart gets turned over. I’ve recorded approximately 3000 hours of conversation with these creatures. I’ve made a thorough study of them. who is who, and who and what they are, and what they’re capable of and what they’re not capable of. who’s malevolant and/or belevolant and also who’s in the middle-/ kind of.?. Most all of them use a spacecraft technology for transportation (DISC’S) and some other odd shaped vehicles which I have photographed extensively. Some of these I would give the description as being old jalopies. (Right Bertram?) Archon and Eben ships look more or less a bit tired.

My best guess on these pictures, they’re reptiles. DRACO’S? The picture above is a still of a video which can be found on the main page of this site, which can be found over on Bitchute. I’m going into the woods to check game cameras at 11:22pm. I always keep a camera on myself just in case..


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